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    Academic Splash-Show Number TWO

    Produced by Folawat Press for AIU with End-Credits to Participating Artists

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    AIU Splash Show NO 1

    Produced by FolawatPress for AIU with Credits to the Foreigner Band, Julio Iglesias, Whitney Houston, the United Support for Artists Group

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    Podcast: Psicomagia por Alejandro Jodorowsky

    La psicomagia es una forma de terapia ultra avanzada. Es una respuesta al psicoanálisis. La psicomagia propone curar algo mediante actos que hablan directamente al inconsciente. Uso toda...

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    Podcast: Where AI is today and where it’s going?

    The rate of progress in the field of artificial intelligence is one of the most hotly contested aspects of the ongoing boom in teaching...

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    AIU Graduation Ceremony March 2019

    Join Atlantic International University Graduates in the ceremony that will mark their lives for years to come. Passion and Love for what you do is...

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